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Hello and welcome to our site Satya Veda Pusthakan (True Veda book).  We are a community located in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.  Though we are primarily an English-speaking community, our province has rapidly become multi-cultural with people coming from all over the world, with a variety of languages and faiths.  So with people of so many backgrounds mixing together here, we have been learning from South Asian scholars about the remarkable convergence of the early sanskrit vedas with that of the Bible.  We as Christians believe that the Bible gives a reliable history of mankind.  We have especially noticed in the Bible that the promise of a Coming Redeemer was announced to mankind at the beginning of human history.  It was so fascinating for some of us then, to learn from South Asian sanskrit-educated scholars, that these same promises of a Coming Redeemer were also remembered in the earliest sanskrit vedas.  This shows that the promise of God is for all mankind, not just for one or two nations.

In the spirit of giving the opportunity for everyone interested in learning about these ancient promises of redemption we want to share this with the world – and with you.  We have invested in this website so that you can be introduced to these promises made at the dawn of history, and remembered today in several ancient texts.  In our troubled days of sectarianism, this true knowledge will help us all, no matter where we live or where we come from, even as it has benefited us here in Muskoka

Our Online Services

These articles are about the ancient promises preserved in Hebrew and sanskrit vedas that we believe point to Jesus Christ and so we offer them online for free so you can read them at your convenience.  We also have free online services that your can register with.  Currently we offer:

  • Receive one-minute audio webcasts in English

We wish you God’s Blessings