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This is a site about The Gospel. But you might think that the purpose of this site is about Christianity. But this is not what it is about. Let me explain the difference.

You might think of it as similar to the distinction between being a Hindu and speaking Hindi. Many people where I live think that these two are the same and I have heard people here mix these words up. Of course there has been tremendous overlap and influence between the two. The Hindi language has been greatly influenced by Hinduism and Hinduism has flourished, developed and is usually expressed in Hindi. However, there are many Hindi speakers who are not Hindus (my mother is one of them), and likewise Hindu devotees pray and worship in other languages as well (ex. Tamil, Malayalam, Sanskrit etc.). There is overlap and influence one upon the other – but they are not the same.

So it is with the Gospel and Christianity. There are many things, beliefs and practices in Christianity that are not part of the Gospel. For example, there are the well-known festivals of Easter and Christmas. They are probably the most well-known representations of Christianity. And these festivals are in memory of the birth and death & resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Incarnation of God revealed in the Gospel. But nowhere in the message of the Gospel, or in the Veda Pusthakam – the Bible – do we find any reference or command (or anything) having to do with these festivals. I enjoy celebrating these festivals – but so also do many of my friends who have no interest at all in the Gospel.  The celebration of these Christian festivals is not what the gospel is concerned with. In fact, different Christian sects have different days of the year in which they celebrate these festivals.

Neither is the Festival of Diwali a Christian festival.  Yet the beginning of the Gospel of John in the Veda Pusthakam – the Bible – starts by declaring that in the darkness of the world a Light has entered in the incarnation of Jesus.  This festival fits very well with the Gospel.  In summary, Christians are often known by celebrations, diet and certain religious observances.   These have nothing to do with the Gospel.

Though there is overlap between the Gospel and Christianity – they are not the same. In fact, in the whole Bible the word ‘Christian’ is mentioned just three times, and the first time it is mentioned it indicates that this was the term that opponents of the Gospel started using (Acts 11:26).  Terms and concepts in the Veda Pusthakam – the Bible – that are commonly used to describe the Gospel are The Way and The Straight Way; and those that follow the Gospel are called Believers, Disciples, Followers of the Way.

The goal in this site is to explore, so we all can become informed for ourselves, how the longing and anticipation for truth, freedom and immortality of the ancient Rg Veda, as well as the longings of the earliest Hebrew prophets or rsis, were fulfilled in the incarnation of Jesus and is now available to all. This is teaching that should be thought about regardless of whether one is Hindu, Muslim, Christian, or any other religion – or even if one is not a devotee of any religion.

So this is a site for those who wonder about life, freedom from sin and death and a relationship with God. We leave the controversies of Christianity for other places and other people to consider since the Gospel deserves to be understood without the complications of Christianity. I think you will find, as I have found, that the Gospel will be interesting and satisfying enough on that basis.

4 thoughts on “What this site is NOT about

  1. I appreciate in just going through your web sight. But I need to exploe it for further understanding. Thank you.

  2. I like your approach. All religions are one thing. Gospel is completely different. I do not know why people tend to label the Gospel in the same category as one of the religions. It is not. Gospel is unique. It is the one and the only way to get to the Kingdom of Heaven. How do I know? I did not seek Him, but, I found Him, face-to-face. He is living and merciful with His amazing love. Jesus is not religion. He is the Truth people have been looking for generations.

  3. Lord Jesus is for every one, he is all for one and one for all . he has come to earth to remove the sin ; no more scarify of animal .
    Lord is merciful , Love full and he gives the gift of eternity .
    I really praise the Lord Jesus , he spokes to me.

  4. actully the name of jesus is ishu..coming from isha- a sanskrit term for god.jesus name is hebrew translation.I have even read somewhere that yeshu is highly influenced by lord krishna when he was in india which is not mentioned anywhere in bible and was hidden to whole world.He considered himself as follower of krishna and spread the ethics(nity in sanskrit ) of krishna to whole world. hence the name krishanity which is christianity in hebrew and people called him christ.

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